Product Description

Mechanical scraping and pipe preparation is an essential step in electrofusion welding and to make things easier, Acu-Tech Piping Systems now offer a state of the art Mechanical Rotary Scraping Tool. This mechanical scraping tool, (also known as a pipe end scraper or end preparation tool), exposes the outer surface of PE pipe, which is why it is sometimes called an exposure kit. PrepMaster Multi scrapers incorporate a hardened, replaceable blade and give a controlled depth of cut. The rotary scraping tool is manually operated, and available for HDPE pipe sizes between 63 and 710 mm.  Smaller ‘Prepmaster Mono’ scraper tools are available for scraping smaller gauge HDPE pipe. The Prepmaster mono scraping tools are available in one tool per pipe/pipe-wall size, from 20 mm to 63 mm outside diameter, and are also known as HDPE pipe peelers or poly pipe scrapers. The use of hand scrapers is becoming more and more limited, as it is difficult to consistently remove 0.2 mm across the entire pipe surface. A rotary HDPE scraper gives you confidence that the 0.2 mm contaminated layer of poly has been removed, so the pipe can be electrofusion welded without the risk of failure. Replacement blades are available for when your rotary scraper becomes difficult to push – it should allow the operator to scrape the poly pipe with ease.
Product code Description
221-1315 Pipe Scraper for 63-315 mm diameter pipe
221-1400 Pipe Scraper for 90-400 mm diameter pipe
221-1500 Pipe Scraper for 110-500 mm diameter pipe
221-1710 Pipe Scraper for 250-710 mm diameter pipe
221-1001 PrepMaster Multi Cutting Blade (4 Sided) for all of the above 4 Scrapers

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