Product Description

Acu-Tech Disposable Poly Welding Wipes

These Polyweld Isopropyl Wipes assist in removing contamination which could potentially cause fusion joint failure. Measuring 420mm by 143mm, the heavy duty disposable wipes also assist installers to save time in electrofusion and butt fusion weld jointing.

Acu-Tech’s convenient and safe Polyweld wipes are 90% Isopropyl alcohol impregnated and come in a tub of 75. The lid is easy to use and helps prevent the wipes drying out quickly. Instructions for how to use these wipes is included on the side of the tub. Use each wipe once only – reuse could contaminate the fusion zone. Do not touch the fusion area after cleaning.

The Poly Weld Wipes Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is available for download below.

PolyWeld Wipes can be purchased individually or in a box of 12 tubs.

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