Custom PE Fitting Fabrication of HDPE Pipes

Acu-Fab – Poly Fabrication Services

With a fully equipped HDPE fabrication workshop and experienced and qualified operators, Acu-Tech Piping Systems fabricates puddle flanges, sweep bends, Y junctions, custom poly pipe spools, HDPE tanks, tee joints, and other components from pipe and sheet to client specifications.

Our extensive HDPE fabrication capabilities includes sweep bends, junctions, true Y pieces, header systems, launders, tanks, shouldered ends, manifolds, equal and reducing tees, and segmented bends ranging in size from 25 mm – 800 mm.  For any other requirements and for fabricated items that are less common and not mentioned our catalogue, feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist.

What are fabricated polyethylene pipe fittings?  Fabricated PE pipe fittings are pieces of pipe and spigot fittings that have been assembled and butt welded in a workshop, from a set of drawings, to fit a specific location on site. This saves time during shutdowns and reduces the amount of equipment required on site – vastly reducing the cost for the contractor. Most fabricated polyethylene fittings are simply bolted together with a backing ring, gasket and bolts, or joined with electrofusion fittings. Custom welded PE fittings are usually difficult bends, reducers, T junctions, Y junctions or HDPE spools with flanged ends or pipe floats.


Some of our custom made poly products include:

Custom Poly Spool Fabrication –

Custom Poly Y Junction Fabrication –

Custom Puddle Flange Fabrication –

HDPE Poly Sweep Bend Fabrication –

Custom Poly Tee Fabrication –

Custom Poly Tank Fabrication

HDPE Poly Strainer Fabrication –

HDPE Backflow Preventer


Custom HDPE Spool Fabrication

Custom Y Junction Fabrication

PE Puddle Flange Fabrication

HDPE Poly Filter Strainer

Poly Sweep Bend Custom Fabrication

Poly Tee Fabrication

Poly Tank Fabrication

Backflow Preventer


Helping You

If you need advice or guidance, we’re here to help.

Acu-Tech Piping Systems’ sales team have extensive experience in supplying HDPE fabrication services. We encourage you to tap into this wealth of knowledge for advice and guidance. Our Sales Office is ready to take your call on 08 9238 8000 and will ensure that your enquiry is dealt with promptly. Alternatively, to send an email please click here.

For personal projects or custom manufacturing, Acu-Tech can also supply HDPE sheet or HDPE board, and HDPE welding wire, and can also arrange recycling of old HDPE pipe into recycled products, in an environmentally friendly manner.