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Established in 2000, Acu-Tech Piping Systems is a Western Australian privately owned and operated company based in Maddington. The owner manages daily operations, ensuring inspiration, leadership, flexible decision making and accountability throughout the company.

At Acu-Tech, our vision is to be recognised as the market leader in pipeline solutions.

The key to Acu-Tech’s success lies in our commitment to providing the highest quality service and support. We place the utmost importance in meeting the needs of our customers, from technical assistance during design stage, through to constantly evolving our extensive product portfolio to meet the needs of the market. Additionally, we recognise the importance of investing in the pipe fitting industry by providing comprehensive product training.

Acu-Tech manufactures HDPE pipe and fittings at its state-of-the-art 40,000m2 facilities, in addition to importing and stocking a large range of products from some of the largest international pipe fitting manufacturers.

As part of a national network of companies, our customers benefit from large inventories, decades of combined experience and unmatched buying power.

Acu-Tech is a dynamic company poised for continued growth, largely though the dedication and enthusiasm of our team, leadership strategies, manufacturing efficiency and commitment to innovation.

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Our Vision

To be recognised by engineers and contractors as the industry leader in pipeline solutions.

Our Mission

  • To provide the pipeline industry with systems of the highest quality, integrity and innovation, and in doing so, to ensure that Acu-Tech “adds value” to our customers’ businesses.
  • To provide outstanding service, training and technical support to our customers, and in that way be considered as an integral part of their enterprises.
  • To encourage forward thinking and innovation.
  • To continuously look for ways to improve our performance.
  • To maintain a comprehensive stock inventory to ensure that every project runs smoothly.
  • To put our values at the centre of everything we do, now and in the future.

Our Values

  • We base the relationships we have on Trust & Integrity.
  • We believe our people are our most Precious asset.
  • We believe good Communication is essential to a successful business, with our team, our suppliers and most of all, with our customers.
  • We focus on providing Quality in all aspects of our business.
  • We believe in adopting a Caring approach to people and to our environment.
  • We take a Pride in everything we do, and the way we do it.
  • We will always emphasise Safety.

Acu-Water HDPE Pipe extrusion

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The name of Acu-Tech Piping Systems is often mis-spelled, sometimes as Akutech, or as Acu-Tec and Acu-Tek. Acu-Tech is also known as Maxiplast – see this page for more details.

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