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Providing quality spigot fittings and pipeline expertise you can trust.

Acu-Tech brings offers an extensive range of PE 100 spigot fittings from Europe’s leading manufacturers. Dedicated to the success of your project, we hold a large inventory of PE pipe fittings to ensure stock availability and prompt delivery every time. PE spigot fittings are made of moulded HDPE, rather than being manufactured, which is why they are often called moulded fittings or moulded poly fittings. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Every piece in our PE spigot range allows for complex high-performance gas and water pipe systems, both for civil and industrial applications. Suitable for various jointing methods, our products offer flexibility of choice. Spigot fittings are sometimes known as Long spigot fittings, due to their longer ends, which make them suitable for electrofusion welding. Short spigot fittings are only suitable for butt welding, whereas long spigot fittings (including multi bends) can be used for both butt welding and EF welding. Acu-Tech’s poly spigot fittings are selected for their overall quality, absolute safety and cost-effectiveness, providing every project with the highest level of safety and reliability. Our extensive range of PE spigot fittings include:
  • 90° spigot elbow multibends
  • 45° spigot elbow fitting
  • 30° spigot elbow fitting
  • 90° long spigot elbow/long radius bend
  • 45° spigot equal tee
  • Spigot equal tee
  • Spigot reducing tee
  • Concentric reducer
  • Spigot end cap
  • Shouldered end or hugger coupling
  • Spigot test end cap
  • Brass male threaded adaptor
  • Brass female threaded adaptor
  • PE male threaded adaptor
  • PE female threaded adaptor
  • PE male BSP adaptor
  • PE female BSP adaptor
  • PE spigot flange
  • Spigot stub flange
  • Pipe SDR adaptor
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The Acu-Tech Difference

Acu-Tech’s quality of products and services inspire trust and confidence. Offering quality assurance and technical expertise, we provide clients with complete piping solutions, including HDPE pipe and PE pipe fittings. Trust Acu-Tech has some of the most experienced and highly trained specialists in the industry. We have a proven track record spanning over thousands of projects, with references available upon request. Spearheaded by the company owner himself, Acu-Tech carries out every aspect of the work with genuine care and accountability. Confidence Acu-Tech exhibits a consistent display of excellent customer service and guaranteed product availability. Different divisions work together to fulfill your requirements at the specified time-frame, while our sales team works with you to ensure that we understand your business and deliver bespoke solutions. With Acu-Tech as your source of HDPE pipeline supply partner, you can expect your poly pipe fittings to arrive on time, every time. We understand that a smooth supply of polyethylene pipe fittings, including 90 bends and spingot fittings, is important to our customers, enabling plumbing installers to quickly and easily join HDPE pipe on the job site.

For further information on our products, please view our HDPE Product Catalogue.

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