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Acu-Tech can supply fully torqued valves, which saves HDPE pipeline installers the hassle of having to fully install a valve in a trench or access hole. Often, installing valves can be a tedious and time-consuming job, and at the same time, it must be done correctly, as a valve is a critical part of any pipeline. Each valve requires spigot fittings, backing rings, gaskets and bolts, which have to be assembled and tightened to the correct torque. Acu-Tech provides pre-assembled valve kits, which allows the pipeline installer to simply fusion weld both ends of the spigot fitting onto the pipeline, and lift the whole assembly into place. The valve ends can be welded on site with electrofusion fittings, which is easier and faster than butt welding, and requires less space for welding, meaning it can be done in the trench, where space allows. Our pre-torqued valves are bolted and torqued according to Australian Standards, which includes re-torquing 24 hours later. This means our customers can easily install a valve on the HDPE pipeline, using only butt welding or electrofusion welding, without having to order all the specific parts for various sized valves, and without the difficulty of torquing and re-torquing valve bolts. Acu-Tech’s pre-made valves are fitted with a steel core rubber gasket (unless a fibre gasket is specified), and have lifting lugs to assist unloading and positioning of the valve. All Torqued Valves are custom made to suit your requirements – get in contact with Acu-Tech today!

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