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Acu-Power: Your Trusted Coiled Electrical Conduit

Acu-Power Electrical Conduit, crafted from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), features a distinctive orange co-extruded outer layer, ensuring clear identification.

This flexible conduit serves a crucial role in safeguarding electrical cables, significantly reducing the risk of electric shock and protecting lives. In the event of excavation, the orange conduit acts as a visible warning, preventing accidental cable damage and potential hazards.

The exponential growth in power demands, coupled with the substantial costs associated with outages and cable repairs, has led the industry to favor protective HDPE conduit over alternatives like PVC or concrete. Acu-Tech meets this contemporary demand with its cutting-edge HDPE electrical conduit, Acu-Power.

Acu-Power conduit delivers unparalleled mechanical protection to electrical cables, shielding them from moisture, chemicals, and potential animal interference. Moreover, its permanent pathway simplifies replacement projects and accommodates future installations of additional cables or ducts.

Acu-Tech also offers subduct options, further enhancing cable protection and segregation within the orange conduit.

Trust Acu-Power for reliable electrical conduit solutions tailored to modern needs.

Acu-Power is available in the following sizes and lengths:

Conduit DiameterCoil Length
63mm140m & 200m
160mm80m & 100m

Acu-Power conduit offers versatile installation options below ground, supporting various methods such as directional drilling, ploughing, and open trenching. Its inherent flexibility and availability in continuous coiled lengths make it ideal for installation into existing conduits or ducts as inner-ducts.

This adaptability ensures seamless integration into diverse infrastructure setups, providing efficient and reliable solutions for electrical cable protection.

  • Bright orange colour coding for simple identification
  • Cost effective installation, particularly using trenchless technology
  • Trenchless installation greatly reduces environmental impact caused by excavation
  • Acu-Tech’s safe coils are strapped in layers, to prevent dangerous uncoiling.
  • High strength and flexibility
  • Lightweight & fast to install
  • High quality HDPE conduit
  • Extremely durable
  • Elec HDPE Orange Coex is branded ACU-POWER

Download the Acu-Power Electrical Conduit Catalogue:

Click here to download the Acu-Power Electrical Conduit Catalogue Acu-Power & Acu-Comms Catalogue

Acu-Power HDPE Electrical Conduit Sizes Available:

  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN32 mm – 150m coil (COJ03213150).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN50 mm – 150m coil (COJ05013150).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN63 mm – 140m coil (COJ06313140).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN63 mm – 200m coil (COJ06313200).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN90 mm – 100m coil (COJ09013100).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN110 mm – 100m coil (COJ11013100).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN125 mm – 100m coil (COJ12513100).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN140 mm – 100m coil (COJ14013100).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN160 mm – 80m coil (COJ16013080).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN160 mm – 100m coil (COJ16013100).
  • Acu-Power HDPE orange conduit pipe DN180 mm – 12m length (COJ1801312).

Product Fact Sheet

Download our Product Fact Sheet Here HDPE Pipe Systems Catalogue

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