Product Description

Acu-Tech supplies an extensive range of hand tools used in the Poly Welding process.
Hand Scraper, or Harris Scraper for Scraping Poly Pipe
Hand Scrapers

Acu-Tech sells hand scrapers, with an ergonomic rubber handle. The poly hand scraper is used for hand scraping of pipe and spigot fittings. It comes with a 4 sided blade, which can be rotated or flipped with a simple screw. Hand Scraper replacement blades are available. Hand Scrapers are also known as Harris Scrapers or Hand-tool Scrapers.

HDPE Pipe Re-Rounding Tool

Small Gauge Re-Rounding Tools

Acu-Tech sells small gauge re-rounding tool, for rerounding small HDPE Pipe.

HDPE Pipe squeeze-off tool for Poly Pipe
Squeeze-Off Tools

Acu-Tech offers a range of Squeeze-off tools in both manual & hydraulic configurations, from 20mm to 355mm.  Squeeze-Off tools are used to stop the flow of fluid or gas in a pipeline, so that repairs can be done, without having to permanently modify the pipeline.

HDPE Pipe Cutter for Cutting Pipe

Pipe Cutters

Pipe Cutters are used to cut pipe, and make the end flush before welding. Acu-Tech’s Pipe Cutters range from 32mm up to 315mm.

Acu-Tech sells HDPE pipe marking tools
Pipe Marking Tools

Acu-Tech sells Pipe Marking Tools, including White Markers, blue markers, green markers, and Wax Pencils suitable for use on PE Pipe.

Acu-Tech HDPE Pipe Bevelling Tool for deburring the end of the Poly Pipe
Beveling Tools

Pipe Bevelling Tools are used to remove the sharp edges on the outside  of small bore HDPE pipe, from 20mm to 63mm. The bevel tool operates like a pencil sharpener, and bevels the poly pipe so it is suitable for Electrofusion Welding.

HDPE Pipe De-Burring Tools are used to remove the sharp edges on HDPE pipe

De-burring Tools

Pipe De-Burring Tools are used to remove the sharp edges on the outside of large bore HDPE pipe, or the inside of all sizes of HDPE Pipe. This can be done one to remove any hanging shavings from cutting the pipe, and provides and edge suitable for Electrofusion Welding.

Acu-Tech sells Pipe Measuring Tools for measuring HDPE pipe
Calipers & Measuring Tools

Acu-Tech can supply calipers, Metal Rulers, Diameter Tape, Measuring Tape and other measuring tools for HDPE Pipeline installation.

Surface Temperature Thermometers

Surface Thermometers are required when butt welding HDPE Pipe, to check the temperature of the heater plate. A non-contact thermometer is sometimes better for this application.

Welding Timer

Timer Count-down Tools

Acu-Tech can provide countdown timers or stopwatches for use when butt welding and Electrofusion Weldling HDPE Pipelines. For butt welding, the heat soak time and time under pressure are very important, and for electrofusion welding, the cool down time is very important to monitor.

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