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Acu-Tech sells Italian made Ritmo Turbo Pipe Scrapers, used for scraping small bore pipe to prepare it for electrofusion welding. Turbo pipe scrapers are a drill attachment, that has two functions: firstly to scrape the end of the pipe to provide a flat, smooth surface, and secondly to scrape 0.2 mm off the surface of the poly pipe. Turbo pipe scrapers or PE pipe peelers are available to suit 20 mm to 63 mm HDPE pipe, with a different tool required for each size. A cordless drill is best suited for use with the turbo pipe scraper, and allows it to be used in confined spaces, but a corded drill will also work. Doubling as a poly pipe facing tool, the turbo scraper is simple to use, highly portable, and weighs less than 1 Kg, making it the perfect tool for your poly welding toolbox! To scrape the facing end of the pipe, remove the insert from the middle of the turbo scraper, and simply push it onto the pipe and activate the drill for a few seconds. This allows perfect facing of the pipe ends which may have been cut roughly because a pipe cutter could not fit in the available space. To scrape 0.2 mm off the pipe surface, simply replace the insert and wind it right into the scraper. Then push it over the pipe, put adequate pressure on the back of the drill, and activate the drill. The insert will wind outwards, pushing the scraping blade incrementally back towards the end of the pipe, until the whole end of the pipe has been scraped. Ensure you read the instruction manual after you have purchased one of these fantastic time-saving tools!    

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