Product Description

Towing Heads are used for a variety of applications including winching, directional drilling (HDD) and dispensing coiled pipe. Towing heads come with high tensile drop forged steel eyebolts, and solid aluminum noses.  Noses are available from 125 to 280mm and have a proven tooth profile for excellent gripping power. Acu-Tech sells towing heads, or duct pullers, for towing plastic pipe through a hole when installing HDPE pipelines or conduit, particularly when using directional drilling methods. Features of Acu-Tech’s towing heads include:
  • Simple and quick to fit or remove.
  • Range of sizes – works with different range SDR’s.
  • Available in standard, rear eye, pressure tight.
  • Suits all types of plastic pipe from 25mm to 200mm.
Standard towing heads are best suited for general pipe pulling operations such as pipe uncoiling or slip lining, because they don’t fully seal the pipe against the entrance of fluids and fine particles. Tow heads are made to suit all types of plastic pipe in the size range of 25mm to 200mm. Fuse-on towing heads are available, which allow the tow head to be butt welded to the end of SDR 11 or SDR 13.6 pipe. Simply fit the tow head onto the end of a pipe and secure it by rotating the eye until it is tight – no special tooling is required. Tow heads have an eyebolt, which tightens or loosens the tail, making the grippers expand against the inside of the pipe wall.

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