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Acu-Tech sells a range of Bolts and Fasteners for HDPE pipe flanges and valves. Bolt sets are commonly used with backing rings or blind flanges to connect poly flanges either to poly or steel flanges, often in high-pressure applications. Rather than storing, transporting and finding your own packs of bolts, washers and nuts, let Acu-Tech supply you the whole set – exactly what you need, delivered along with your pipe fittings and flanges! Pipelines often use flanges or valves, and the Acu-Tech catalogue contains a good guide to which bolt size is required for each type of backing ring – from M12 up to M33. The bolts are galvanised steel grade 4.6 or grade 8.8, or stainless steel, and are available in sizes to suit flanges from 15 mm up to 800 mm. There are many different combinations of bolt sizes, quantities and ratings, which can be very confusing at times. Acu-Tech is well acquainted with Australian Standards and common specifications, and the reason we offer these bolt sets is so you only have to tell us what flange you are connecting, and we will supply you exactly the right size, rating, and quantity of fasteners to suit your flange connection. This saves you a lot of time and effort calculating required bolt lengths, going through standards and worrying if you have the right fasteners! If you prefer to buy a bulk quantity of bolts, nuts and washers for your pipeline install, we can supply boxes of fasteners at good rates. Contact our sales team today! Acu-Tech also sells flange bolts and gaskets, blind flanges, and galvanised backing rings, or steel backing rings.

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