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Acu-Tech supplies Tapping Saddles, Clamp Saddles and Tapping Bands, for joining an outlet into an existing pipeline. These fittings ‘tap into’ the pipe, without requiring a cut and join in the main pipe. A variety of tapping fittings are available – a branch saddle electrofusion fitting for large diameter pipe, mechanical tapping bands which do not require welding, gas tapping saddles which allow tapping into a live gas pipeline. Acu-Tech Tapping Band bolted to tee off pipeline Mechanical Tapping Bands, mainly used for water pipes, come in two parts, with four bolts joining them around the pipeline. The Acu-Flow DCI tapping bands are the ultimate solution for connection of PE main pipelines to branch pipelines for cold water. Made from epoxy-coated ductile cast iron (DCI), these fittings come with an EPDM rubber seal, making a durable and leak free join. The upper and lower parts of the Acu-Flow tapping bands are lined with rubber to prevent rotational movement around the main pipe. Clamp saddles, or mechanical tapping bands are available to join onto 32 mm to 400 mm pipelines, with various off-take sizes. Gas Tapping Saddles are very popular, as they allow an outlet from a pressurised gas line. Without having to shut off or vent the main gas line, a house or building connection can be connected, which is much safer than cutting the line and installing a Tee fitting. First the saddle is joined to the finished building gas line, and then welded onto the main line. When the weld has cooled, the trained operator can activate the integrated cutting tool to allow the gas to flow from the main line, through the sealed fitting, and down the new distribution gas line to the building. This can also be done with a live water main, but must be done by a trained operator and with the necessary safety precautions. Electrofusion Branch Saddle for large pipelines Tapping Saddles are also known as Tapping Tees,¬†Branch Saddles, Tapping Bands, Pressure Tapping Valves, Clamp Saddles, Repair Saddle, Reinforcing Saddle, Stop-off Saddle, Spigot Saddle, or Electrofusion Saddle. What is the difference between a Tapping Saddle and a Tapping Band? A tapping band is usually cast iron, thinner, and for a smaller diameter pipe, and is known as a band because the fitting goes the whole way around the pipe. A tapping saddle only sits on top of the pipe, like a horse saddle. During installation, a support or strap is looped around the pipe, but this is removed when the fitting has been correctly attached. What is the difference between a Branch Saddle and a Tapping Saddle? A Branch Saddle is similar to a tapping saddle, but usually has a larger opening, to which a spigot fitting would be fitted. For example, a tapping saddle would be used for connecting a house, etc. whereas a branch saddle would be used for connecting a street main.
Mechanical Tapping Band
Electrofusion Tapping Saddle Fittings
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