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Acu-Tech Piping Systems proudly offers a comprehensive selection of top-tier PE Poly Pressure Pipe Products, designed for versatility and high-performance excellence across an array of applications.

The remarkable flexibility and adaptability of PE Polyethylene pressure pipes make them indispensable in various industries. From mining and plumbing & drainage to infrastructure projects, industrial process plants, HVAC systems, irrigation & rural farming, as well as communications and power conduits, polyethylene pipe systems continue to demonstrate their value and reliability.

Discover the unmatched benefits of our PE Polyethylene Pressure Pipe Products today!

Acu-Tech Symbol What is Polyethylene Pipe?

Polyethylene Pipe (PE), Polyethylene pressure pipe or poly pressure pipe as it is commonly known, is a commonly used polyethylene piping system for fluids and gasses throughout Australia.

Polyethylene’s toughness, immunity from corrosion, excellent resistance to chemicals and low weight have contributed to its continued appeal for use in situations where cost-effective and reliable piping systems are required.

Made from PE100 polyethylene material, Acu-Tech manufactures HDPE pressure pipes designed specifically for the following systems:

Acu-Tech Symbol Polyethylene Pressure Pipe HD-PE100

Acu-Tech’s HD-PE100 pipe comes in 20 mm to 800 mm in lengths and coils.

Clients have the option of striping or full coating for system-specific colour coding.

Backed with experience in working with Australia’s industrial, mining, utilities and plumbing sectors, our products and services are developed purposely to provide each sector with best-fitting solutions.

PE pipe fittings are available from Acu-Tech Piping Systems, a leading pipe manufacturing company in Perth, W.A.

Custom PE pressure pipe can be made to order, including co-extruded HDPE pipe, custom SDR or PN rating poly pipe, and custom PE pipe lengths – see the pipe size chart below.

Acu-Tech‘s large diameter coiled HDPE pipe is strapped in layers, so the poly pipe coil does not dangerously unwind, as some vinidex pipes or iplex pipes are prone to do.

HDPE poly pressure pipe can be joined by a variety of methods, including electrofusion fittings, compression fittings, butt weld/short spigot fittings, HDPE transition fittings and BSP threaded adaptor fittings.

Acu-Tech Symbol Polyethylene (PE Pipe) sizes / dimensions are as follows:
Polyethylene Pressure Pipe Dimensions

Polyethylene Pipe (PE) Dimensions DN20 to DN110

SDR 26 (PN 6.3)MIN WALL1.
MEAN I.D.16.721.728.736.745.95869.182.8101.2
MEAN I.D.16.721.728.736.145.056.867.681.199.1
SDR 17 (PN 10)MIN WALL1.
MEAN I.D.16.721.
SDR13.6 (PN12.6)MIN WALL1.
MEAN I.D.16.721.127.033.842.353.263.676.393.2
SDR 11 (PN 16)MIN WALL1.
SDR 7.4 (PN 25)MIN WALL2.
MEAN I.D.14.217.722.828.535.645.153.664.578.6

Polyethylene Pipe (PE) DN125 to DN315

SDR 26 (PN 6.3)MIN WALL4.
MEAN I.D.115.3129.1147.5166.2184.5207.7230.7258.6290.7
MEAN I.D.112.8126.4144.4162.6180.5203.1225.9252.9284.7
SDR 17 (PN 10)MIN WALL7.48.39.510.711.913.414.816.618.7
MEAN I.D.109.8123.0140.6158.2175.7197.6219.8246.2276.9
SDR 13.6 (PN 12.6)MIN WALL9.210.311.813.314.716.618.420.623.2
MEAN I.D.106.0118.8135.8152.7169.8190.9212.2237.8267.4
SDR 11 (PN 16)MIN WALL11.412.714.616.418.220.522.725.428.6
MEAN I.D.101.4113.8129.9146.2162.4182.7203.2227.7256.1
SDR 9 (PN 20)MIN WALL14.015.717.920.122.425.127.931.335.2
MEAN I.D.96.0107.5123.0138.4153.6173.0192.3215.3242.2
SDR 7.4 (PN 25)MIN WALL17.119.221.924.627.330.834.238.343.0
MEAN I.D.89.5100.2114.7129.1143.4161.3179.2200.7226.1

Polyethylene Pipe (PE) DN355 to DN900

SDR 26 (PN 6.3)MIN WALL13.615.317.219.121.424.127.230.634.4
MEAN I.D.327.8369.3415.5461.7517.2581.8655.6738.8829.5
SDR 21 (PN 8)MIN WALL16.919.121.523.926.730.033.938.142.9
MEAN I.D.320.9361.3406.5451.7506.1569.5641.6723.0813.8
SDR 17 (PN 10)MIN WALL21.123.726.729.633.
MEAN I.D.312.0351.7395.6439.7492.4554.1624.3703.2791.6
SDR 13.6 (PN 12.6)MIN WALL26.129.433.136.841.246.352.258.8-
MEAN I.D.301.5339.7382.1424.6475.6535.2603.1680.0-
SDR 11 (PN 16)MIN WALL32.236.340.945.450.857.2---
MEAN I.D.288.7325.2365.8406.5455.5512.3---
SDR 9 (PN 20)MIN WALL39.644.750.355.8-----
MEAN I.D.273.2307.6346.0384.7-----
SDR 7.4 (PN 25)MIN WALL48.554.661.5------
MEAN I.D.254.6287.0332.8------
  For more information about the applications and colour specifications of our poly pressure pipes, visit our Piping Systems page.

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