Product Description

Acu-Tech sells Threaded Fittings, including BSP Fittings, and a large range of Transition Fittings. Poly Transition Fittings are made by moulding a HDPE spigot over the Copper, Steel, Plastic or Stainless Steel coupling, providing a transition in pipe material to HDPE pipe. PE transition fittings for HDPE pipe come in many different types and sizes, and for many applications.

HDPE BSP Fittings are used to join a pipeline to a tank or vessel, or to transition from Poly Pipe to Copper pipe. Female BSP Threaded Adaptors can be supplied with a steel retaining ring in larger sizes. Threaded Long Spigot Adaptors can be Electrofusion Welded or Butt Welded to a pipeline. Short Spigot Threaded Adaptors can only be butt welded.

Copper Pipe gas adaptor fittings are available from 20 mm to 63 mm. A PE – Copper Transition Fitting has a moulded PE fitting that transitions to a copper pipe end. This allows a seamless transition from HDPE gas pipe and copper gas pipe, without having to use brass screw fittings.

The PE to Steel Roll Grove Adaptor can save time and money, by transitioning from HDPE Pipe to Roll Groove Steel in one fitting. This saves using two flanges, a gasket and 8 bolt sets, and a lot of tightening and checking by the operator. The roll groove steel adapter works well for fire hydrant and booster connections, and is available in 125mm (4″) & 180mm (6″) PN16, SDR11.

The following combinations of Poly Transition Fittings are available:

  • PE to Brass Male Threaded Adapter.
  • PE to Brass Female Threaded Insert.
  • PE Male BSP Threaded Adapter.
  • PE Female BSP Threaded Adapter.
  • PE to Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings
  • PE Threaded Nipple BSP
  • PE Threaded Reducing Nipple BSP
  • PE Threaded Socket BSP
  • PE Threaded Reducing Bush BSP
  • PE Threaded Plug BSP
  • PE Threaded Cap BSP
  • PE to Copper Adaptor
  • PE to PVC Adaptor
  • PE to PP Adaptor
  • PE to Steel Roll Grove Adaptor

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