Product Description

Acu-Tech sells Threaded Fittings, Including BSP Fittings, and a large range of Transition Fittings.

HDPE BSP Fittings are used to join a pipeline to a tank or vessel, or to transition from Poly Pipe to Copper pipe. Female BSP Threaded Adaptors can be supplied with a steel retaining ring in larger sizes. Threaded Long Spigot Adaptors can be Electrofusion Welded or Butt Welded to a pipeline. Short Spigot Threaded Adaptors can only be butt welded.

The following combinations of Poly Transition Fittings are available:

  • PE to Brass Male Threaded Adaptor.
  • PE to Brass Female Threaded Insert.
  • PE Male BSP Threaded Adaptor.
  • PE Female BSP Threaded Adaptor.
  • PE to Stainless Steel Threaded Fittings
  • PE Threaded Nipple BSP
  • PE Threaded Reducing Nipple BSP
  • PE Threaded Socket BSP
  • PE Threaded Reducing Bush BSP
  • PE Threaded Plug BSP
  • PE Threaded Cap BSP

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