ACU-WATER -The HDPE Pipe System for Drinking Water Pipelines

Providing quality drinking water to people is of global importance, and a core part of our business is to provide piping solutions for water applications that are economical and environmentally sustainable. The Acu-Water Piping System is the No. 1 choice for all water supply lines, providing flexibility, longevity and economy.

Many of Perth’s ageing water mains are being replaced with HDPE pipe, reducing leakage and ensuring low maintenance in future. Acu-Tech’s Acu-Water PE pipe has been extensively used throughout Perth City and throughout the old northern suburbs. Acu-Water HDPE pipe is fully pressure rated, has Watermark approval, and can be fusion joined using electrofusion couplings, or butt welded. The black pipe with blue stripe helps identification as potable water pipe, and Pipe Marking Tape is also available. Polyethylene water pipe comes in 6 or 12 meter lengths, or can be made to order in custom lengths, also coming in coils of 50 to 200 meters.

Acu-Tech’s quality of service and flexibility as a WA manufacturer means Acu-Water is a very popular piping product. With the large range of fittings, accessories, hire equipment, and training, Acu-Tech is your one-stop-shop for HDPE piping products.

Key features and benefits:

  • Suitable for installation according to AS 3500.1:2003 “Water services”
  • Blue Stripe for easy identification
  • Heat-fused jointing systems create a monolithic structure that is stronger than the pipe itself, and completely leak-free. This eliminates rubber seals which can fail over time, also solving root intrusion problems, and provides pipeline integrity where installed in unstable ground. No dangerous chemicals or glues involved in jointing.
  • No anchor or thrust blocks needed (joints are fully end load resistant)
  • Extreme flexibility of pipe allows cold bending to accommodate minor changes in direction.
  • Large range of fittings available, providing flexibility of design.
  • Pressure rating of PN12.5 (1250 kPa) or PN16 (1600 kPa) at 20°C, including safety factor of 1.25.
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 4130 “Polyethylene – PE – pipes for pressure applications” and AS/NZS 4129 “Fittings for polyethylene (PE) pipes for pressure applications”
  • 20 mm to 110 mm diameter polyethylene water pipe is available in 50, 100, 150 and 200 metre coils. Larger diameters and custom lengths can be coiled to order.
  • 25 mm to 630 mm diameter PE water pipe is generally available in 6 and 12 metre lengths. Lengths up to 22 metres made to order.
  • Acu-Water HDPE Pipe can be joined with electrofusion fittings, butt welding equipment or compression fittings.


Helping You

If you need advice or guidance, we’re here to help.

Acu-Tech Piping Systems’ sales team have extensive experience in the supply of water pipeline installations. We encourage you to tap into this wealth of knowledge for advice and guidance. Our Sales Office is ready to take your call on 08 9238 8000 and will ensure that your enquiry is dealt with promptly. Alternatively, to send an email please click here.

This product is also available from our Brisbane HDPE Pipe Manufacturing Plant, which has the capacity to manufacture HDPE Pipe for Water in Queensland. As a QLD Pipe Manufacturer, Acu-Tech is a HDPE blueline pipe supplier in Brisbane, providing blue stripe polyethylene pipe for water mains. To buy Acu-Water blue striped PE pipe from our Brisbane Pipe Manufacturing Plant, contact us today on 1300 270 270.