HDPE Pipe Welding Certification & Courses – PMBWELD302

Want to develop your poly welding skills and gain a HDPE Pipe Welding Certification? Or do you need a refresher course to remind you of the principles of HDPE welding?

The PMBWeld302 Electrofusion Welding Course training focuses on the importance of accurately fusing EF fittings. Looking at both manual and automatic fittings you will learn the importance of preparation, timing, temperature, pressure, cool down etc.

Electrofusion Welder

Electrofusion Welding Course attendees will have the chance to use an electrofusion welding machine, using electrofusion couplers to join pieces of HDPE pipe together. An EF pressure welder is used, as this is the more complicated EF welder to operate – an EF drainage welder is a lot simpler.

This training is provided through PolyWeld Tech Academy – http://www.polyweldtech.com.au/training/electrofusion-welding/
PolyWeld Tech Academy can provide HDPE welding courses and refresher courses, either in our training facility, or at your site (depending on the number of students).
HDPE Pipe welcing certification  

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