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Acu-Tech now hires equipment for pipeline installation, including coil trailers and excavators. When installing pipelines, a contractor often needs to dig trenches or holes, and having access to a portable excavator can help you to get the job done faster and with less effort. Acu-Tech provides excavator hire in Perth for our valued customers, as part of our commitment to being a one-stop-shop. By giving the HDPE pipe installer access to hire excavators and generators, hire electrofusion welders and butt welders, and hire coil trailers or coil holders, they can reduce the amount of investment required to expand their business operations. This in turn allows them to reduce costs and increase profits, and spend less time working on each job.  By using Acu-Tech’s hire equipment, it reduces the amount of bills and admin work that has to be attended to, lightening the load on your staff. Please note that due to insurance reasons, hire equipment is only available to customers who have a credit account with Acu-Tech. Our range of excavators for hire in Perth, include: Cat 301.4C Excavator Hire When installing HDPE pipelines, a mini hydraulic excavator comes in handy to dig trenches or access spaces in order to install pipe or fittings. Easily transportable, due to its small size, you can hire a mini excavator to speed up the installation and save your team time & effort on site. Cat excavator hire specifications:
  • Operating weight 1470.0 Kg
  • Overall length, width & height: 3.6 m x 0.73 m x 2.27 m
  • Maximum digging depth: 2210.0 mm
  • Maximum digging height: 3393.0 mm
  • Maximum digging radius: 3700.0 mm
  • Maximum dumping height: 2403.0 mm
Kobelco SK135SR-5 Excavator Hire Often used for pipeline installation, the Kobelco SK135SR-5 excavator rental allows pipeline install contractors to get the job done, without having to invest in expensive machinery. Hire the Kobelco excavator for your next project – repairing existing pipelines, exhuming old pipe for recycling, or excavating trenches for HDPE pipe projects. Ultimate low noise and dust reduction with Kobelco’s proprietary iNDr system. Minimal swing radius improves efficiency Compact design allows for continuous 180 degree dig, swing and load operations within a working space of just 3.49 m. Kobelco excavator hire specifications:
  • Overall length, width & height: 7.41 x 2.49 x 2.86 m** (**500 mm shoe)
  • Operating weight: 14,800 kg with dozer
  • Max. digging depth: 5.52 m
  • Max. digging reach: 8.34 m
  • Max. dumping clearance: 6.74 m
  • Rated power output: 78.5 kW / 2,000 min (ISO 14396)
  • Stage 4 compliant engine.

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  Other pipeline installation equipment for hire includes:

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