Product Description

Acu-Tech stocks a range of detectable underground marking tapes, offering a superior level of protection and detectability for buried utilities. Pipe Mains Marker Tapes or Underground Warning Tapes provide an early warning and detectable signal to help identify the location of underground pipelines.

Acu-Tech supplies Pipe Marking Tape for Water, Recycled Water, Potable Water, Gas, Sewer, Electricity, Stormwater, Communication, and Fire Mains. Also know as ‘Visual early warning tape’, pipe marking tape is laid at half-depth above the pipes for underground services, to allow for any machine operators to discover the tape before damaged is caused to the pipe.

Features of Pipe Marking Tape include:

  • The wire within the tape means it can be detected by metal detector from the surface.
  • Non-detectable tape is available on request. Mains market tape is made from lead free material.
  • The box doubles as a dispenser, and prevents your tape roll from getting covered in dirt and grime.
  • Pipe Marking Tape comes in a roll of 250m long, and is 100mm wide.
  • The tape has high chemical resistance, and will not break down in the soil.
  • Custom Text Tape is available on request.
  • Made in Australia to AS2648 Part 1.


Colours and Product Code:

Product CodeDescription - Text on TapeColour
DETTAPEGDanger - Buried Gas Main BelowYellow
DETTAPEWDanger - Buried Water Main BelowGreen
DETTAPEFDanger - Buried Firefighter Main BelowRed
DETTAPERRecycled/Reclaimed Water - Do Not DrinkPurple
DETTAPEGRWarning Grey Water - Do Not Drink - Non PotablePurple
DETTAPESDanger - Buried Sewer Main BelowGrey