Product Description

FAST FUSION Trac20 Tracked Fusion Welder MFT20 – (Self-Contained Butt Welder up to 500mm)

Acu-Tech’s Fast Fusion Trac20® Butt Welder Rental is perfect for butt fusion welding long HDPE pipelines in demanding environments. The ‘MobileFusion’ Butt Welder is an all-weather fusion system that incorporates weld bead cooling technology. By bringing fusion welding operations into the safety of an air-conditioned cab, butt welding crews are safer and more productive on site – teams can become up to 70% more productive than using conventional fusion welding machines.

The FastFusion Butt Welder has a self-contained C4.4 caterpillar diesel engine, which together with the 9KW onboard generator, powers the track mechanism and the butt welding equipment.

One of the key benefits of MobileFusion Trac20 (MFT) butt welding machine is FastLoad® – a self-loading front boom that allows single operator to load the pipe from within the cabin area. That means no extra heavy equipment on the site to load or hold pipe in place for pipe welding.

Standard MFT20 butt welding machine features:

  • Working range of 225mm to 630 mm HDPE Pipe.
  • Can be equipped with a range of welding inserts, available on request.
  • Caterpillar C4.4 Diesel-engine – 138 HP @ 2,200 RPM.
  • Has a 200L fuel tank, Engine consumes approx. 11L/hr.
  • Self-contained with on-board 9 KW generator – 9 KW 120/240V 60Hz.
  • Electrical circuit equipped switches, breakers and a main disconnect.
  • Comes with a McElroy Data-Logger to assist with HDPE Welding.
  • Weighs approx. 8.5 Tonnes, and travels 10.5 km/h max
  • 6m wide over tracks & transport, 12m long, 3m high.
  • Fast Fusion fully automatic weld bead temperature control.
  • Fully air-conditioned cabin, which contains a fridge for crew convenience.
  • Visibility to all sides of the machine, with 360⁰ view from the cab windows.
  • Has windscreen wipers, and a fire extinguisher for emergencies.
  • Orange flashing lights, interior and exterior lights, including a movable spotlight.
  • Enclosed cab removes the delays caused by wind, dust, cold, hot, rain, and snow.
  • Power Requirements: Inbuilt power generation. No Generator required.

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