Product Description

FAST FUSION Trac20 Tracked Fusion Welder MFT20 – (Self-Contained Butt Welder up to 500 mm)

Acu-Tech’s Fast Fusion Trac20® Butt Welder rental is perfect for butt fusion welding long HDPE pipelines in demanding environments. The ‘MobileFusion’ butt welder is an all-weather fusion system that incorporates weld bead cooling technology. By bringing fusion welding operations into the safety of an air-conditioned cab, butt welding crews are safer and more productive on site – teams can become up to 70% more productive than using conventional fusion welding machines.

The FastFusion butt welder has a self-contained C4.4 caterpillar diesel engine, which together with the 9 kW on-board generator, powers the track mechanism and the butt welding equipment.

Standard MFT20 butt welding machine features:

  • Working range of 225 mm to 500 mm HDPE Pipe.
  • Can be equipped with a range of welding inserts, available on request.
  • Caterpillar C4.4 Diesel-engine – 138 HP @ 2,200 RPM.
  • Has a 200 L fuel tank, Engine consumes approx. 11 L/hr.
  • Self-contained with on-board 9 kW generator – 9 kW 120/240 V, 60 Hz.
  • Electrical circuit equipped switches, breakers and a main disconnect.
  • Comes with a McElroy Data-Logger to assist with HDPE welding.
  • Weighs approx. 8.5 Tonnes, and travels 10.5 km/h max
  • 2.6 m wide over tracks & transport, 12 m long, 3 m high.
  • Fast Fusion fully automatic weld bead temperature control.
  • Fully air-conditioned cabin, which contains a fridge for crew convenience.
  • Visibility to all sides of the machine, with 360⁰ view from the cab windows.
  • Has windscreen wipers, and a fire extinguisher for emergencies.
  • Orange flashing lights, interior and exterior lights, including a movable spotlight.
  • Enclosed cab removes the delays caused by wind, dust, cold, hot, rain, and snow.
  • Power Requirements: Inbuilt power generation. No generator required.

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