Product Description

Acu-Tech supplies a large range of valves, including seated valves, gate valves, butterfly valves, P.E valves and check valves. With Acu-Flow branding, these valves can be supplied torqued if required. Download the Acu-Flow gate valve data sheet below. The most common type of valves are butterfly valves and gate valves:
  • Butterfly valves have a rotating disc in the middle of the pipeline which pivots to open or close the pipeline. Butterfly valves are very common as they are reliable and low maintenance and can be fitted with a handwheel or a lever handle. Butterfly valves can have a lugged, wafer or flanged body. Shouldered butterfly valves and lugged butterfly valves can be supplied to WaterMark approvals.
  • Gate valves work as a ‘gate’ which drops down to shut off the water supply and slides up into the body to completely open the pipeline without resulting in any friction. Gate valves can be used to partially restrict flow. Gate valves have a larger & taller body, with a handwheel or cap, and can either have a wafer, lug or flange connection. Gate valves are used for pumping, irrigation, light industrial & domestic. Grooved gate valves, shouldered gate valves, knife gate valves, flanged gate valves, and sluice gate valves are all various types of gate valves, mostly used for water, sewerage and neutral liquids.
  • Air release valves have a floating ball inside the valve, to control the pressure in the pipeline, and prevent explosion or collapse when the pressure changes.
  • Monitored valves and electric or pneumatic butterfly valves are available, to suit advanced pipeline design requirements.
  • Check valves are available (including manufactured from PE), to prevent air, water or other fluids from flowing back up the pipe. Check valves can be supplied in brass, forged steel, cast iron, or stainless steel.
  • Less common valves including globe valves, relief valves, solenoid valves, landing valves, ball valves, drain valves, drum gate valves and needle valves are also available.
Valves are available in a wide range of sizes to suit HDPE pressure pipe, and a variety of materials, including PE, PP, PVC, brass, steel and stainless steel. Contact our team for more information about Valves – Acu-Tech’s range of valves is so extensive, it is almost impossible to list every size and type of Valve!
Pre-Torqued Valves
  The following size steel valves are available: 15 mm Valve to suit 20 mm HDPE pipe. 20 mm Valve to suit 25 mm HDPE pipe. 25 mm Valve to suit 32 mm HDPE pipe. 32 mm Valve to suit 40 mm HDPE pipe. 40 mm Valve to suit 50 mm HDPE pipe. 50 mm Valve to suit 63 mm HDPE pipe. 65 mm Valve to suit 75 mm HDPE pipe. 80 mm Valve to suit 90 mm HDPE pipe. 100 mm Valve to suit 110 mm HDPE pipe. 100 mm Valve to suit 125 mm HDPE pipe. 125 mm Valve to suit 125 mm HDPE pipe. 125 mm Valve to suit 140 mm HDPE pipe. 150 mm Valve to suit 160 mm HDPE pipe. 150 mm Valve to suit 180 mm HDPE pipe. 200 mm Valve to suit 200 mm HDPE pipe. 200 mm Valve to suit 225 mm HDPE pipe. 250 mm Valve to suit 250 mm HDPE pipe. 250 mm Valve to suit 280 mm HDPE pipe. 300 mm Valve to suit 315 mm HDPE pipe. 350 mm Valve to suit 355 mm HDPE pipe. 400 mm Valve to suit 400 mm HDPE pipe. 450 mm Valve to suit 450 mm HDPE pipe. 500 mm Valve to suit 500 mm HDPE pipe. 550 mm Valve to suit 560 mm HDPE pipe. 600 mm Valve to suit 630 mm HDPE pipe. 700 mm Valve to suit 710 mm HDPE pipe. 800 mm Valve to suit 800 mm HDPE pipe.

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