ACU-THERM – Above Ground Pipelines

Acu-Therm PE100 pipe is manufactured with a highly reflective white exterior. This coating is extruded at the same time as the main pipe (co-extruded), forming an integral part of the pipe. This means more than 95% of the pipe is made of standard black PE material, with a thin white coating on the outside to reflect sunlight, reducing the amount of absorbed heat.

Acu-Therm pipe is the ultimate solution for above ground applications including temporary water supply, and offers the following advantages over black pipe:

  • Full white coating to minimise solar heating of pipe and contents; testing has demonstrated more than 50% reduction.
  • Ultra-violet (UV) resistance
  • Lower pressure rating can be used as lower operating temperature reduces the need to allow for pressure de-rating, enabling thinner wall pipe to be used. This provides cost savings in both material and through increased flow rates.
  • Reduced thermal expansion / contraction mean less needs to ‘snake’ pipelines
  • Flexibility allows pipeline to accommodate topographical features.
  • Excellent solution for above ground applications including temporary water supply.
  • Coex Pipe or ‘Double Skinned Pipe’ means that the white material is extruded at the same time as the black material, bonding the two together.
  • Manufactured to AS/NZS 4130 “Polyethylene – PE – pipes for pressure applications”

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