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Acu-Tech can supply environmental protection enclosures – Poly Welding Tents or shade apparatus for protection against direct sunlight exposure and adverse weather conditions. When welding poly pipe and fittings, operators and equipment can be exposed to the harsh sunlight or rain while welding, which can dramatically increase the chance of weld failure. Raindrops or moisture in the welding zone can cause the fitting to fail and short circuit. Long periods of sunlight can cause welding machines to overheat. Without a poly welding shelter, wind and dust can cause contamination of the welding area and can damage expensive welding machines. Harsh environmental conditions will inevitably lead to delays and longer time to complete the project. When considering these factors, buying or hiring an enclosed welding tent becomes a very profitable tool for increasing productivity, not a luxury item. The increases in productivity and weld integrity will soon outweigh the cost of a tent. Tents have also been modified to allow them to be moved by crane or telehandler, to avoid having to re-assemble or lift the tent repeatedly. Contact Acu-Tech to discuss your requirements today!

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