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Poly Welding Courses & Testing

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Acu-Tech has partnered with Polyweld Tech Academy to provide training and weld testing services in a NATA approved lab.

Polyweld Tech Academy (PWT) is an Australian owned and operated company that specialises in assisting with quality poly welding practices. PWT offers nationally recognised poly welding courses & practical training in the areas of Butt welds, Electrofusion welds and Extrusion Welds. With their QA/QC quality inspections, and their NATA accredited testing facilities, PWT can help in maintaining high quality joint technique in your company. Operating in Queensland, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia, they also offer training, inspection and poly testing nationwide for your organisation’s convenience.  


PWT’S welding certification utilises a range of welding equipment, combined with the latest technology and industry developments to ensure you gain the most relevant and quality experience so you can create welds to code standards. Their nationally recognised courses will help provide you with a unit of competency to help you become equipped with the skills and knowledge required to begin a successful career in Polywelding. If you are already an experienced welder and want to ensure your employer that you know what you’re doing and ready to get into action, they also offer Refresher/ Biennial Welder Assessments (recommended every two years). PWT has an in-house training facility and the trainers have the ability to do site training. You can choose between different welding courses like electrofusion, extrusion or butt welding training or do a combined course to obtain your welding tickets.

Pipe welding courses include:

  • PMBWELD301E: Join Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines using Butt Welding
  • PMBWELD302E: Join Polyethylene Plastic Pipelines using Electrofusion Welding
  • PMBWELD309E: Weld PLastic using Extrusion Techniques
  • Combined Courses (Butt Weld, Electrofusion and/or Extrusion)
  • Reaccreditation Course


PWT is also equipped with NATA accredited testing facilities. Their facilities test hdpe welding and specialize in tensile testing of butt welds and peel decohesion for Electrofusion welds along with a complete range of QA/QC tests. The latest technology paired with experienced technicians will guarantee accurate results and fast results! For more information about NATA certifications, please visit the NATA website here.  


PWT conducts all third-party QA/QC requirements both in laboratory and onsite, including:
  • Document and procedure assessment
  • Parameter and Welding inspection services
  • Tensile and Hydrostatic testing
  • Raw material analysis and moisture content
  • Welding equipment calibration and certification
Their wide range of in-house tools and welding inspection and testing equipment ensures that you get an accurate analysis of the state of your HDPE pipe, welds or raw material. For more info, visit their website here With the latest technology and experienced technicians we guarantee accurate results and fast! For more information about our NATA certification, please visit the NATA website here NATA Accredited Laboratory Tests Include: Tensile Testing of butt welded joints to ISO 13953 – Polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings – Determination of the tensile strength and failure mode Bend Testing of butt welded joints to BS EN 12814.1 – 2000 – Testing of welded joints – Bend test Electrofusion joint Peel Decohesion testing to ISO 13954 – Peel decohesion test for electrofusion assemblies See more information about Poly Weld Testing at
Weld Testing

PolyWeld Tech Academy also provides the following Poly Welding Training Courses;

Butt Welding Course: Electrofusion Welding Course: Extrusion Welding Course: There is also a refresher course available and a combined Butt Welding and Electrofusion Welding Course.  

Click below to visit PolyWeld Tech Academy’s website to view more information and book your poly welding course!

Butt Welding
Butt Welding
Electrofusion Welding
Electrofusion Welding
Extrusion Welding
Extrusion Welding