ACU-SEWER – The Waste-Friendly HDPE Piping System

The most common types of damage in sewers are broken pipe and Defective Connections.  These are typical for rigid and brittle pipe.

Our Acu-Sewer PE Pipe system is mainly fused which results in a material-homogeneous joint which requires NO additional sealing elements.  Fused PE pipes facilitate the construction and operation of a very robust and durable, permanently sealed and long-lasting sewer piping system.  This means the system does no longer consist of individual components, but one single pipe section.

Why Acu-Sewer?

  • Electrofusion joints don’t require costly thrust restraints or thrust blocks.  PE is about one-eighth the density of steel and does not require the use of heavy lifting equipment.
  • HDPE pipe fused joints are self-restraining and do not require costly thrust restraints or thrust blocks.
  • The fusion joint is resistant to root penetration.  Recent findings have shown that the mechanisms of root penetration are not based on the presence of water in the pipe, also not in case of leak-tight joints but on the preferred growth direction of the root in the area of the pipe bedding.  The sand bedding offers less resistance to root growth than the natural ground.  Following the pipe the shoot sooner or later encounters a coupler.  In case of electro fused joints, roots have no further opportunity to grow, not even in the area of the joint, and the shoot dies for the lack of nutrients.
  • Pipe lengths up to 20m for PE pipes require fewer joints and thus increase the position reliability of the piping.  Because of the low weight, large pipe lengths can be handled easily.
  • High performance PE pipe provides excellent pipeline flexibility needed for trenchless and other cost effective and less intrusive installation methods.

Helping You

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