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Acu-Sewer: The Advanced HDPE Piping System for Waste Management

Traditional sewer systems often suffer from common issues like broken pipes and faulty connections, especially with rigid and brittle materials.

Acu-Sewer changes the game with its innovative PE pipe system, primarily fused for a seamless, homogeneous joint that eliminates the need for additional sealing elements.

Fused PE pipes ensure the construction of a robust, durable, and permanently sealed sewer piping system.

Gone are the days of individual components – Acu-Sewer transforms your system into a single, unified pipe section.

Featuring a distinctive black color with cream stripes for easy identification, Acu-Sewer HDPE pressure pipe is ideal for sewer mains and transfer pipelines – stocked in lengths of 6 meters or 12 meters, and can be made to order.

Why Choose Acu-Sewer?

  • Quality HDPE sewer pressure pipe with cream stripe for effortless identification.
  • No need for anchor or thrust blocks to prevent joint blow-out, thanks to heat fusion welded jointing.
  • Fusion joints resist root penetration, ensuring long-term system integrity.
  • Longer pipe lengths (up to 20m) reduce the need for joints, enhancing pipeline reliability.
  • Lightweight polyethylene enables easy handling and cost-effective installation.
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE sewer pipe can be joined with electrofusion fittings, butt welding equipment or compression fittings.
Acu-Sewer black poly pipe with a cream stripe– sizes below are available in SDR7.4, SDR9, SDR11, SDR13.6, SDR17, SDR21, SDR26, SDR33, SDR41:
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN63 mm (PCJ063##100). – exchange the ## for the SDR.
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN75 mm (PCJ075##100).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN90 mm (PCJ090##100).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN110 mm (PCJ110##100).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN125 mm (PCJ125##100).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN140 mm (PCJ140##100).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN160 mm (PCJ160##100).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN180 mm (PCJ180##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN200 mm (PCJ200##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN225 mm (PCJ225##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN250 mm (PCJ250##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN280 mm (PCJ280##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN315 mm (PCJ315##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN355 mm (PCJ355##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN400 mm (PCJ400##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN450 mm (PCJ450##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN500 mm (PCJ500##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN560 mm (PCJ560##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN630 mm (PCJ630##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN710 mm (PCJ710##12).
  • Acu-Sewer HDPE pipe DN800 mm (PCJ800##12).

Experience the benefits of Acu-Sewer HDPE sewer pipe – superior performance, durability, and cost savings for your sewer pipe installation needs.

Download the Acu-Tech Product Catalogue for a full list of dimensions:

HDPE Pipe Systems Product Catalogue

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