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Acu-Tech sells state-of-the-art Electrofusion Drainage Welding equipment.

Electrofusion, or EF welders, are used to weld electrofusion fittings to HDPE pipe. Electrofusion drainage welders are used for low pressure HDPE drainage pipe, and the electrofusion fittings for poly drainage pipe. (Note that EF pressure welders cannot weld EF drainage fittings). The EFD160 drainage welder is designed exclusively for electrofusion jointing of PE discharge lines up to 160 mm diameter, making it perfect for low-pressure HDPE pipes and fittings, used in the plumbing and drainage industry. The EFD160 drainage welder weighs only 1.7 kg, allowing it to be carried with ease around the job site. Its compact dimensions make it highly portable, and suited to demanding work environments. The inbuilt welding monitoring system automatically controls and monitors the welding process. The success or failure of the weld is indicated by the three LED lights on the control panel, and the display screen. The large start and stop buttons are colour coded for simple and fast recognition. Key benefits include:
  • Welding range of 32 mm to 160 mm pipe diameter E.F. drainage fittings.
  • Extremely portable – weighs just 1.7 Kg.
  • Display screen is visible in the dark and works in extreme temperatures.
  • Easy to use – it can hang by the handle or lay on its back for better access.
  • Comes with a canvas carry bag.
  • Data input by contact identification.
  • In-built welding monitoring system.
  • 7 segment characters display screen, to show welding times and error-messages.
  • Automatically self-tests upon power-up.
  • Audible signal and LED lights indicate the success or failure of the weld.
  • Compatible with Geberit, Valsir, Coes Vulcathene-Euro, Akatherm-EUR, and Waviduo fittings up to 160 mm diameter.
  • Poly welding machine intended to be used for indoor installation applications only.
  • Full Australian maintenance, calibration and repair services by Acu-Tech’s equipment department.
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Acu-Tech specialises in poly welding equipment, also providing the EF300 electrofusion pressure welder for EF pressure pipe fittings.

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