Product Description

Acu-Tech provides HDPE Extrusion Guns for Hire. Hot Air Welders are also available for Hire. Extrusion Gun Rental is a cost-effective way to get the job done, without having to invest in machinery up front.

Do you have a hole in your poly tank, or perhaps you want to install a new outlet? Using an Extrusion Welding Gun, you can simply do-it-yourself, at little cost. The welding wire is pulled through the extrusion gun and heated up, then pressed into place with the tip of the gun. The heat from the gun also warms the surrounding plastic, so a strong bond is formed between the two plastics.

Using a hot air welder, the material is simply fed by hand onto the area, which is being warmed by the hot air gun, where it melts and bonds to the surface. A hot air poly welder is highly useful for plugging holes or filling cracks or cuts in poly tanks, HDPE pipes or poly troughs.

New equipment is available for sale if you prefer to invest in equipment up front. See this page for more options.

If you wish to become a qualified extrusion welding professional, Extrusion courses are available. See this page for more options.

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