HDPE fittings refers to a range of jointing fittings and adaptors that suit HDPE pipe. These fittings are made from PE100 HDPE material, and are designed for HDPE pipelines. The large range and types of PE fittings reflects the versatility and adaptability of HDPE pipe. PE pressure fittings provide a solid joint, giving both the installers and the end user confidence that the pipeline will maintain it’s strength over time. PE pipe is extremely versatile and can be field bent to a radius 25 times the nominal pipe diameter (SDR11 and SDR17 ≥20°C). e.g: 125mm Acu-Tech HD-PE100 can be cold formed in the field to a 3.2 metre radius. This can provide a major cost saving compared to other systems which require fittings and thrust blocks or restraints for minor directional changes. No anchor or thrust blocks are needed to prevent joint blow-out when using heat fusion welded jointing. Correctly made heat fusion joints may be expected to last the life of the system and withstand thrust/end loads equal to the strength of the pipe/ fitting without adding external restraint or thrust blocking. Poly pressure pipe is manufactured in Western Australia in diameters ranging from 20 mm to 800 mm and can be provided with co-ex jackets or stripes to assist with pipeline identification. Acu-Tech also supplies HDPE welding equipment, electrofusion and butt weld fittings from 20 mm to 800 mm from our vast range of stock. Some of the different types of HDPE fittings are: Acu-Tech sells a wide range of HDPE fittings;
PE Electrofusion Fittings
HDPE Compression Fittings
Spigot Fittings
PE Fabricated Fittings
HDPE Drain Pipe Fittings
Rural Compression Fittings
Poly Threaded Transition Fittings

The Acu-Tech Difference

Dedicated Customer Focus Acu-Tech has been serving Australia’s plumbing, rural, mining, civil and industrial markets since 2000. Manufacturing and distributing a wide range HDPE pipes and poly pipe fittings for various markets, our extensive knowledge and experience allow us to identify and meet the unique requirements of our clients in their respective fields. Behind our success and our clients’ is our steadfast commitment to delivering tailored and reliable services. Specialist Manufacturing Our production process adheres to stringent local and international standards. We are ISO-certified for adhering to the ISO/TS 29001 and ISO 9001 and quality management systems. Our products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art facilities and we have a fabrication factory to create custom PE pipe fittings to client specifications. Our poly pressure pipes and electrofusion and spigot fittings are certified to AS/NZS 4130 and AS/NZS 4129, respectively.


Acu-Tech is your partner in creating pipe systems built to last. We serve the mining, plumbing, civil, industrial and utilities sectors across Australia and work to meet the specific needs of each industry. We aim to contribute to the success of every project through a comprehensive stock inventory and prompt delivery of requirements every time.

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