HDPE Drain Pipe Fittings

Acu-Tech sells a wide range of poly pipe and fittings for drainage application. These are non-pressure pipes suited for drainage and wastewater in industrial or building applications. While they look similar with their fully black exterior, Acu-Drain is different to Acu-Black pressure pipe – Acu-Drain poly pipe is not pressure pipe, and is designed for wastewater pipelines. Acu-Drain fittings are consequently designed to use gravity to drain water and waste from the pipeline. This is why 90⁰ drainage fittings are actually 88.5⁰ fittings, to allow the water & waste to travel slightly downhill. Acu-Drain drainage pipe can be joined with Electrofusion drainage fittings, which are specially made for non-pressure pipe, with the welding voltage being a lot lower than pressure … Continue reading HDPE Drain Pipe Fittings

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