HDPE Drain Pipe Fittings

Acu-Tech offers an extensive range of poly pipe and fittings specifically designed for HDPE Drainage Systems. These non-pressure pipes are tailored for drainage and wastewater applications in both industrial and building settings. Despite their similar appearance, it’s important to distinguish between Acu-Drain and Acu-Black pressure pipes. Acu-Drain poly pipe is not intended for pressure use; instead, it is expertly engineered for wastewater pipelines. The design of Acu-Drain drainage pipe fittings is centered around utilizing gravity to efficiently drain water and waste from the pipeline. To facilitate this gravity-driven flow, 90⁰ drainage fittings are actually crafted at an 88.5⁰ angle, allowing water and waste to naturally move downhill. When it comes to joining Acu-Drain drainage pipes, Electrofusion drainage fittings are the … Continue reading HDPE Drain Pipe Fittings

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