Product Description

Acu-Tech sells a range of Flange Gaskets for Pipe connections, including Rubber Gaskets, Fibre Gaskets, and Steel Reinforced Gaskets.


KC6327 is a gasket material based on SBR-bound aramid fibres and inorganic fibres. Its key feature is a relative softness and high compressibility which enables sealing under lower bolt loads than most other fibre gaskets.

Following the correct flange installation procedure and using the correct bolt torques is critical to long term flange joint integrity. Contact us for more information and a copy of our Flange Joint Installation Guidelines.

Looking for flange gaskets made to your specifications? Please contact us as we supply a wide variety of fibre and rubber gaskets to order.


Tired of battling with leaking gaskets, flange misalignments and time consuming torqueing/ re-torqueing procedures?

Get the job done quicker and eliminate leaks with the revolutionary Steel-Core Profile rubber gaskets!

These rubber gaskets are reinforced with the Steel-Core ring, which makes them rigid and prevents extrusion/ leaks under higher pressures which is a problem with plain rubber gaskets. They also have a special O-Ring profile which increases sealing performance dramatically, effectively two sealing mechanisms in one gasket.

  • Effective sealing under low bolt torque loads
  • Compensation of small surface imperfections
  • Flange face misalignment is more easily compensated than flat gaskets, especially the fibre type
  • Seal maintained even with a small degree of flange movement
  • Higher durability of plastic flange joints due to lower torques helping to prevent distortion
  • Lower tensile grade fasteners required, providing cost savings
  • Steel-Core ring is vulcanised within the centre of the gasket, preventing corrosion
  • Will withstand pressures of up to 4,000kPa (20°C) depending on flange
  • Made in Germany