HDPE Pipe comes in many different colour options. The purpose of the different colours on HDPE pipe is to identify the liquid or gas inside the pipe. The following list of PE pipe colours may help you identify what colour you need. Also if you need help identifying a pipe not listed here, please speak to our team on 1300 270 270.

Note: Poly Pipe Colours and requirements may differ in other countries. Check with a qualified engineer if you are unsure.

HDPE Pipe Striping and Colour Coding Guide:

Colour of HDPE Pipe

Black no stripes – May be used for all applications except for fuel gasses (Acu-Black).

Colour of HDPE Water Pipe

Black with Blue Stripes – Drinking Water/Potable Water Pipeline (Acu-Water).

Colour of HDPE Gas Pipe

Colour of HDPE Striped Gas Pipe

Black with Yellow Stripes or Full Yellow Jacket – Fuel gases, process gases, liquefied gases under pressure (Acu-Gas).

Colour of HDPE Fire Pipe

Black with Red Stripes – Water dedicated for fire extinguishing supply lines. (Acu-Fire).

Colour of HDPE Communications Conduit Pipe

Full White Jacket – Communications conduit (Acu-Comms).

Colour of HDPE Recycled Water Pipe

Black with Lilac Stripes (or black with purple stripes)- Recycled or reclaimed water Pipes (Recycle-Tech).

Colour of HDPE Electrical Conduit Pipe

Full Orange Jacket – Electrical Conduit (Acu-Power).

Colour of HDPE Co-Ex White Pipe

Full White Jacket – Above Ground Co-Ex Pipelines (Acu-Therm).

Acu-Sewer - HDPE Pipe Black with Cream Stripe

Black with Cream Stripes – Sewer Pipes (Acu-Sewer).

Acu-Rural - HDPE Pipe Black with Brown/Red Stripe

Black with Brown/Red Stripes – Rural imperial-size low-pressure pipe (Acu-Rural).

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