Product Description

Repair Clamps & Re-Rounding Clamps

Re-rounding clamps are available from 20mm to 710mm. Re-Rounding tools are used to fix poly pipe that may have been squashed or bent, in preparation for welding. Re-rounding Clamps are used to make pipe round again prior to electrofusion welding, when ovality has been caused by storage or manufacture. Re-Rounding Tools are available from 16mm up to 400mm diameter.

Also available are Large Diameter Hydraulic Re-rounding Clamp, which are used for re-rounding large diameter PE pipe prior to use with electrofusion couplers. They are designed to aid the re-rounding process after a PE pipe has been squeezed off and the Squeeze Off unit has been removed. Re-rounding clamps are different to Alignment Clamps, which are used in order to align both ends of the pipe during the welding process.

After the Electrofusion fitting has been welded, and has cooled, the re-rounding clamp can be removed, as the welded fitting will keep the pipe round in that section. Because the completed electrofusion joint should be left in the re-rounding clamps for the complete cooling time, it is ideal to own two identical sized re-rounding clamps, to leave one clamp on the previous weld while it cools, and use the second clamp to prepare the next weld in advance.


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