Spigot Fittings

Providing quality spigot fittings and pipeline expertise you can trust. Acu-Tech brings offers an extensive range of PE 100 spigot fittings from Europe’s leading manufacturers. Dedicated to the success of your project, we hold a large inventory of PE pipe fittings to ensure stock availability and prompt delivery every time. PE spigot fittings are made of moulded HDPE, rather than being manufactured, which is why they are often called moulded fittings or moulded poly fittings. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Every piece in our PE spigot range allows for complex high-performance gas and water pipe systems, both for civil and industrial applications. Suitable for various jointing methods, our products offer flexibility of choice. Spigot fittings are sometimes known as Long spigot fittings, due … Continue reading Spigot Fittings

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