Product Description

Electrofusion fittings engineered to give you confidence

The use of PE electrofusion fittings with polyethylene pipes allows the creation of fully-sealed pipe networks. With quality electrofusion fittings, plumbers and contractors across various industries are able to produce joints that offer reliability, flexibility and high performance.

Product Description

Acu-Tech’s Electrofusion System offers high performance and ease of installation. Using the electrofusion technique, polyethylene pipes are conveniently joined, minimising welding and cooling time. In each pipe fitting, the wires’ energising coils are precisely positioned ensuring uniform melting for a strong joint.

Our extensive range of electrofusion fittings include:

  • Electrofusion Coupler
  • Electrofusion Reducer
  • Electrofusion Elbow – 90° and 45°
  • Electrofusion Reducing & Equal Tee
  • Electrofusion Tapping Saddle & Branch Saddles
  • Electrofusion End Cap
  • Electrofusion Test End Cap with Brass Male BSP Thread
  • Male & Female Brass Transition Insert
  • Male & Female PE BSP Spigot Adaptor

We also carry tools, accessories and equipment for electrofusion welding. For more information on our products, as well as a summary of our electrofusion procedure guidelines, download our PE Pressure Pipe Fittings Catalogue.

Suggested List of Equipment for Electrofusion Welding:

The following is a list of the minimum equipment that should be available at each electrofusion welding site.

The Acu-Tech Difference

Innovation in Pipeline Solutions Supply

Built on almost 50 years of industry research and innovation, Acu-Tech pipeline solutions have a proven track record of outstanding performance and durability. Our products and services are continuously improved based on customer feedback as well as news from the global marketplace on piping systems that provide more value. Polyethylene Pipe Fittings are an important part of our customers’ business, enabling plumbing installers to quickly and easily join HDPE drainage pipe on site.

Dedicated to Your Business’ Success

Behind our success is our dedication to our clients’ success. Serving Australia’s mining, civil, industrial, plumbing and utilities sectors for more than a decade, we have in-depth knowledge of each industry’s needs – as well as our client’s specific needs – allowing us to provide the highest quality and support.

Need more info?

Acu-Tech’s supply of premium-quality polyethylene fittings is only paralleled by our brand of customer service. Contact us today for your queries and our sales team will gladly help you. Offering fabrication services and working with Europe’s leading manufacturers, we also help businesses who are in need of something more specific.

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