Weld Testing

  Acu-Tech has partnered with Polyweld Tech to provide NATA approved poly weld testing. Polyweld Tech Academy is equipped with NATA accredited testing facilities specialising in tensile testing of butt welds and peel de-cohesions for electrofusion welds along with a complete range of QA/QC tests. Using the latest technology and experienced technicians, Polyweld Tech can guarantee accurate results and fast! Polyweld Tech’s “NATA Accredited Laboratory Tests” include: Tensile testing of butt welded joints to ISO 13953 – polyethylene (PE) pipes and fittings – determination of the tensile strength and failure mode Bend testing of butt welded joints to BS EN 12814.1 – 2000 – testing of welded joints – bend test Electrofusion joint peel decohesion testing to ISO 13954 – … Continue reading Weld Testing