Acu-Tech Piping Systems is dedicated to creating supreme solutions for every project and our product Acu-Tuff Abrasion Resistant Pipe is no exception.

WHAT IS ACU-TUFF Abrasion Resistant Pipe?

Acu-Tuff is a polymer lined HDPE abrasion resistant piping system that is designed and tested for the transport of liquids, sludge and slurry containing abrasive media and contaminants This innovative pipe is a breakthrough product in the mining industry. Its vigorous design offers a longer lifespan, high costefficiency and is proven to have better durability than conventional metal or PE pipelines. Its excellent wear and impact-resistance makes it ideal for tailings pipelines, slurry pipelines and other abrasive applications used in mining operations.

Acu-Tuff is offered in two types:

  • Above ground installation
  • Underground Installation

Acu-Tuff Diagram

What is Acu-Tuff composed of?

Acu-Tuff’s protection against abrasion, corrosion and leakage, helps minimise both planned and unscheduled downtime. This can reduce operating costs, improve transfer efficiencies and maximise your plant’s production. Inner Layer Maximises abrasion resistance, even in the harshest applications, providing better durability than conventional metal or PE pipes. Second Layer PE 100 Pipe that offers advantages such as flexibility, resistance to cracks and tremulous events. Outer Layer Protective layer that reduces pipe temperature in sunlight, leading to reduced thermal expansion and snaking.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Impact resistance.
  • Better durability than conventional metal or PE Pipelines.
  • Maintenance intervals are notably extended,
  • Shorter downtimes leading to higher productivity.
  • Reduce thermal expansion.
  • PE properties after advantages such as flexibility, resistance to cracks and tremulous events.
  • Ease of Installation


In Collaboration with Paterson and Cooke

The following test was conducted by Paterson & Cooke Australia in collaboration with Acu-Tech Piping Systems.

The objective was to assess wear resistance of Acu-Tuff compared to that of other pipe materials by measuring the mass and volume lost from a high-velocity slurry flow. Samples of tailings found in Australia were used in the test. The below results conclude that Acu-Tuff performed better in the wear test to that of UHMPWPE, HDPE, Stainless Steel 316L, Super Duplex Steel, and Mild Steel.


The following graph shows results from a Darmstadt Test that measured the abrasion resistance of a range of pipeline materials. The test consists of a tilting or rocking pipe, pivoted at its centre. An abrasive slurry of stones and water moves up and down the pipe in the longitudinal direction.
Acu-Tuff Abrasive resistance test

Mortar Wear Test to QB/T 2268-2088

Pipe materials were made into specified sample plates. The samples were placed in the wear slurry which was a sand/water mixture (52 vol %/48 vol %) and was rotated at various speeds and durations. The samples were then collected and weighed to compare the amount of weight loss from abrasion.
Mortar Wear Test to QB/T 2268-2088


  • Mining and Extractions
    • Crushed Ore
    • Waste Products
  • Chemicals
    • Waste Products
    • Salts
  • Quarries
    • Crushed Stone
    • Sand & Natural Stone
  • Cement
    • Lime, Stones or Slurries
    • Dredging