Product Description

Mechanical scraping and pipe preparation is an essential step in electrofusion welding and to make things easier, Acu-Tech Piping Systems offers state-of-the-art scraping tools.

PrepMaster MULTI Scrapers
  • Manually operated mechanical rotary scraping tool for removal of the outer surface of PE pipe.
  • It incorporates a hardened blade and gives control over the cut.
  • Available for pipe sizes between 63mm and 710mm.
  • PrepMaster Multi Scraper
    PrepMaster Multi Scraper

    Product code Description 221-1315 PrepMaster MULTI Scraper 63-315mm 221-1400 PrepMaster MULTI Scraper 90-400mm 221-1500 PrepMaster MULTI Scraper 110-500mm 221-1710 PrepMaster MULTI Scraper 250-710mm 221-1001 PrepMaster Multi Scraper Blade
    MONO Pipe Scraper
  • Manually operated rotary scraping tool for removal of the outer surface of the PE pipe prior to electrofusion.
  • One tool is available per pipe size, and wall thickness,
  • Ranging from 20mm to 63mm.
  • MONO Pipe Scraper
    MONO Pipe Scraper

    Product code Description 221-2020 MONO Pipe Scraper 20mm 221-2025 MONO Pipe Scraper 25mm 221-2032 MONO Pipe Scraper 32mm 221-2040 MONO Pipe Scraper 40mm 221-2050 MONO Pipe Scraper 50mm 221-2063 MONO Pipe Scraper 63mm 221-2001 MONO Pipe Scraper Blade
    RTC Mechanical Scraper
  • The RTC scraper offers some key features that make it unique.
  • Primary capability is to consistently maintain a constant thickness of the pipe’s chips,
  • Can adapt the length of the surface it scrapes based on the depth of the coupler.
  • is equipped with four extendable arms that securely grip the inside diameter of the pipe.
  • RTC Mechanical Scraper
    RTC Mechanical Scraper
    Product code Description 221-5160 RTC Mechanical Scraper 50-160mm 221-5315 RTC Mechanical Scraper 73-315mm 221-5710 RTC Mechanical Scraper 355-710mm 221-5001 RTC/PS Scraper Blade
    PS Rotary Pipe Scraper
  • PS 180 and PS 400 are rotary scrapers which are designed essential to prepare PE pipes and fittings before electrofusion welding.
  • The tools have an adjustable chuck that covers all pipe sizes within the working range.
  • The PS series guarantees a constant and regular removal of the shavings.
  • PS Rotary Pipe Scraper
    PS Rotary Pipe Scraper

    Product code Description 221-6180 PS Rotary Pipe Scraper 75-180mm 221-6400 RTC PS Rotary Pipe Scraper 160-400mm 221-5001 RTC/PS Scraper Blade
    Hand Scraper
  • Robust and easy to use hand tools.
  • Manual scraping of PE surfaces.
  • Hand Scrapers
    Hand Scrapers

    Product code Description 221-4020 Turbo Pipe Scraper 20mm 221-4025 Turbo Pipe Scraper 25mm
    Turbo Pipe Scraper
  • Specifically designed to be used with a drill in tight or cramped spaces
  • decrease the amount of time needed for work while maintaining effective scraping capabilities.
  • Turbo Pipe Scraper
    Turbo Pipe Scraper

    Product code Description 221-4020 Turbo Pipe Scraper 20mm 221-4025 Turbo Pipe Scraper 25mm 221-4032 Turbo Pipe Scraper 32mm 221-4040 Turbo Pipe Scraper 40mm 221-4050 Turbo Pipe Scraper 50mm 221-4063 Turbo Pipe Scraper 63mm 221-4001 Turbo Pipe Scraper Blade 221-4002 Turbo Pipe Scraper Kit Bag 221-4003 Turbo Pipe Scraper Aluminum Case
    Rotary Saddle Scraper
  • Manually operated
  • Purpose-built for scraping pipes before installing electrofusion saddles and tapping bands.
  • Offers great versatility.
  • Can be used anywhere along the length of the pipe.
  • One tool is available for each pipe size, covering a range from 40 mm to 315 mm in outside diameter.
  • Rotary Saddle Scraper
    Rotary Saddle Scraper

    Product code Description 221-3040 Rotary Saddle Scraper 40mm 221-3050 Rotary Saddle Scraper 50mm 221-3063 Rotary Saddle Scraper 63mm 221-3075 Rotary Saddle Scraper 75mm 221-3090 Rotary Saddle Scraper 90mm 221-3110 Rotary Saddle Scraper 110mm 221-3125 Rotary Saddle Scraper 125mm 221-3140 Rotary Saddle Scraper 140mm 221-3160 Rotary Saddle Scraper 160mm 221-3180 Rotary Saddle Scraper 180mm 221-3200 Rotary Saddle Scraper 200mm 221-3225 Rotary Saddle Scraper 225mm 221-3250 Rotary Saddle Scraper 250mm 221-3280 Rotary Saddle Scraper 280mm 221-3315 Rotary Saddle Scraper 315mm 221-3001 Rotary Saddle Scraper Blade
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