Wastewater_Cannington Upgrade

As part of the Cannington Wastewater Upgrade project, Acu-Tech was entrusted with supplying a substantial amount of 630mm PN20 high-stress crack-resistant polyethylene piping (HSCR), essential for installing a secondary wastewater pipeline beneath a suburban river in Perth.

The task involved intricate installation work, including welding and drilling underground, to connect the pump station with existing infrastructure, executed by the contractor. Acu-Tech provided a comprehensive solution, comprising lengths of 20-meter PN20 SDR9 PE100 630mm HSCR Cream Stripe Pipe, along with PN20 630mm Stub Flanges, PN20 630mm Puddle Flanges, and PN20 HSCR fabricated tees and spools tailored to meet the project’s specifications.

Given the challenging nature of the project, particularly the need to install the pipeline underneath the Canning River, our Acu-Sewer pipe system emerged as the most suitable option. This system, designed to withstand high-stress crack resistance (HSCR) and possessing a nominal pressure rating of PN20, ensured durability and reliability in drilling operations. Additionally, we are proud to note that execution of the project caused minimal environmental damage.

To streamline onsite welding processes and enhance efficiency, our transport and logistics department facilitated the delivery of pipe lengths exceeding standard measurements. Conducting a thorough site visit, we ensured the successful transportation and unloading of 20-meter pipe lengths within the designated area, utilising an extendable truck for effective delivery.

Meeting stringent project requirements, we conducted comprehensive testing to ensure compliance with AS 4130 standards, fulfilling all testing requirements in-house. Additionally, Acu-Tech conducted in-house destructive testing on puddle flange options, further ensuring the quality and reliability of the supplied materials.

We are committed to shaping the industry’s future through innovation, value, and reliability. With Acu-Tech, rest assured that our solutions lead to your success.