Huerner EF All-10
Acu-Tech sells a large range of equipment for HDPE welding and associated tasks.

Pipeline installation requires a lot of tooling and machinery to complete the job.

Firstly the poly welding equipment – either electrofusion welders or butt welders, as well as a host of supporting poly equipment – pipe scrapers, cutters, generators, bead removers, extrusion guns, squeeze-off tools and pipe handling tools.

Clamps are a critical component, including re-rounding clamps, repair clamps for adjusting the roundness of the pipe, and alignment clamps, for precisely aligning the pipe before welding.

By investing in and using these poly pipe installation tools, a welding contractor will improve the quality of the job and reduce installation time and the need to repair defects.

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For projects that run smoothly and systems that require minimal maintenance, trust Acu-Tech’s poly pipe ancillary items!

Acu-Tech is your partner in creating pipe systems built to last.

We serve the mining, plumbing, civil, industrial and utilities sectors across Australia and work to meet the specific needs of each industry.

We aim to contribute to the success of every project through a comprehensive stock inventory and prompt delivery of requirements every time.

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