Product Description

Acu-Tech offers a range of Squeeze-off tools in both manual & hydraulic configurations, from 20 mm to 355 mm.

Squeeze off tools are used to stop the flow of fluid or gas in a pipeline, so that repairs can be done, without having to permanently modify the pipeline.

  • Manual squeeze-off tools restrict flow through a PE pipeline by manually turning the handle in a clockwise direction.

    Different diameters of pipe can be accommodated by using the appropriate ‘pipe stop’ setting to ensure the optimum ‘squeeze gap’, which ensures the pipe is not damaged from over-squeezing.

  • Hydraulic squeeze-off tools work differently, in that the squeeze is carried out, but the top and bottom beams are then mechanically locked together and then the hydraulic cylinders are ‘unclipped’ and used in conjunction with a second beam set.

    In this way all four squeeze points are accomplished using just one pair of hydraulic cylinders.

    The bottom squeeze beam is fitted with ‘pipe stops’. These pipe stops form a positive ‘stop’ between the top and bottom beams, and therefore optimise the squeeze gap.

    After squeezing larger sized PE pipe, a re-rounding tool should be used, to ensure the pipe returns to its original dimensions.

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