Acu-Tech sells Hy-Ram Equipment in Australia. Hy-Ram Engineering Co. Ltd is a leading design and manufacturer of specialized equipment and tooling for plastic pipelines. Hy-Ram provide a range of products essential for the provision, installation and maintenance of distribution pipelines. Core products include HDPE Welding Equipment, PE Squeeze off tools and equipment, Pipe Cutting equipment and various solutions for Flow Stopping, Valves and Drilling Saddles, and Stainless Steel Repair Clamps. Acu-Tech Piping Systems is an authorised distributor of Hyram Products in Australia. Contact Acu-Tech today to buy Hy-ram Engineering Products in Australia! Hy-Ram Equipment in stock, includes Pipe Scrapers, Weld Bead Removers and Tow Heads:
Pipe Scraper
Weld Bead Remover
Towing Head