Product Description

Acu-Tech manufactures custom made polyethylene tanks, for filtering or storing water and other fluids. Our extensive fabrication workshop involves skilled poly extrusion welding operators, who can fabricate poly tanks to suit your requirements.

HDPE Tanks are manufactured by Acu-Tech, from HDPE sheet and pipe, with many different options available. Tank legs are usually made from HDPE pipe, and side stiffeners can be added to give extra strength to the tank walls. Baffles or internal walls can be added, according to the client’s requirements.

We can create custom plastic tanks, such as poly sullage tanks, from sections of large diameter HDPE pipe with ends welded on, and an inlet/outlet. Polyethylene Sullage tanks are usually buried and used for collecting rainwater or greywater for recycling. Also, custom poly tanks can be made with perforations, so they can be used as a leach drain, to replenish groundwater.

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