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An Electrofusion Equal Tee is used to split a HDPE pipe into two outlets at right angles to the end of the original pipe, or to add in an outlet to a PE Pipe. Electrofusion equal tees are made with an equal size pipe diameter on all three ends. With a size range from 20 mm to 180 mm, electrofusion equal tee fittings come in SDR 11 (which also suits SDR 13.6 & SDR 17). Electrofusion equal tee fittings are made from PE100 material with a precisely moulded energising coil of wire, ensuring uniform melting for a strong electrofusion joint and the minimisation of welding and cooling times. SDR 11, SDR 13.6 and SDR17 electrofusion equal tees are rated to PN16 water and 1000 kPa gas. Equal tee electrofusion fittings are suitable for use for HDPE pipe, and welded with an electrofusion pressure welder. Electrofusion equal tee PE fittings may also be known as an electrofusion equal tee joiners or EF equal tee pipe joiners. Note that the centre of the tee is a spigot fitting and requires a coupler to join it to another pipe or fitting. Electrofusion equal tee sizes available:
  • 20 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0020).
  • 25 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0025).
  • 32 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0032).
  • 40 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0040).
  • 50 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0050).
  • 63 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0063).
  • 75 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0075).
  • 90 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0090).
  • 110 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0110).
  • 125 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0125).
  • 160 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0160).
  • 180 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0180).
  • 200 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0200).
  • 225 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0225).
  • 250 mm electrofusion EF equal tee (2154.0250).
Training for Plumbers – Electrofusion Jointing for HDPE pressure and drainage pipes As with welding carried out on any material used for engineering purposes, fusion welding of polyethylene (HDPE) for plumbing and drainage pipe systems is a skilled operation which must be carried out by suitably trained and certified tradespersons. Training and accreditation is mandatory for plumbers under the Plumbing Code of Australia (PCA) as both AS/NZS 3500.1 Plumbing and drainage – Water services and AS/NZS 3500.2 Plumbing and drainage – Sanitary plumbing and drainage contain references to AS/NZS 2033 Installation of polyethylene pipe systems.  AS/NZS 2033 Clause 4.2 Fusion Jointing specifies “Only trained and certified operators shall carry out fusion jointing”. Acu-Tech facilitates Nationally Accredited training courses covering fusion welding procedures through Polyweld Tech Academy which is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

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