polyethylene pipe fittings

Acu-Tech Piping Systems offers a range of electrofusion fittings made of polyethylene (PE), the advantages of which have been recognised in the gas and water industries. In general, PE is the material of choice for those who are looking for a lightweight yet tough, synthetic material that offers high resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

Characteristics of Polyethylene

High-grade PE (polyethylene) is one of the most commonly used materials for piping products. It is also one of the most durable synthetic materials, which has a long life expectancy – potentially up to 100 years in good conditions. Its durability and resistance to corrosion allows it to efficiently carry substances for many years without being affected by harsh environmental conditions. Compared to other plastics, PE presents excellent flexibility and ductility that can withstand static pressures and perform under aggressive conditions. Since it is also a type of hard-wearing plastic, there’s no need to worry about rust. Most importantly, PE is not prone to biological growth and build-up, which can affect the quality of the substances passing through the PE pipes.

Pipe Jointing Through Electrofusion

To enhance the security and efficiency of PE pipes, the use of heat fusion strengthens their durability and makes them more compatible with existing piping accessories. Among the various types of heat fusion, Acu-Tech offers PE pipe fittings compatible with the electrofusion jointing method. Electrofusion is the jointing process of pipes and/or fittings of the same connection diameter. Many industries consider electrofusion as one of the safest and most developed methods for welding PE pipes and fittings. The electrofusion process uses heat from electricity to melt the pipe and create an entirely homogenous joint that is stronger and more durable than the pipe itself. All electrofusion welding of PE pipes should be done by a trained operator, as there are important factors that may compromise the efficiency of the electrofusion process if performed incorrectly.

Benefits of the Electrofusion Process

Electrofusion is the method of choice for below and above ground PE systems and for inaccessible installations of trenches, heights and other confined spaces. Electrofusion can also weld together pipes and/or fittings of different thickness. Unlike PVC jointing, which uses chemicals or rubber seals, pipes welded by electrofusion fittings in the correct procedure do not have parts that will deteriorate over time. And since there are no chemicals involved in the jointing, PE electrofusion fittings are safe for use in the food industry.

Preparing Pipes for Electrofusion

To prepare joining surfaces, you must scrape the HDPE pipes with an appropriate pipe scraper recommended by your pipe and fitting manufacturer. Avoid using rasps, metal files, emery paper and other materials, as they are not suitable for poly pipe preparation. It is ideal to remove the entire surface of the pipe over the indicated area to a depth of around 0.3mm. After scraping, wipe the surface with an authorised cleaning agent like Isopropanol poly welding wipes to remove any dust residue. The surface must be dry before proceeding with the electrofusion process. The result of a well-prepared pipe is a strong joint that can withstand heavy loads during installation and routine operation.

Leading Supplier of PE Electrofusion Pipes

For versatile, durable and high-quality PE electrofusion pipe fittings, turn to Acu-Tech Piping Systems. Founded in 2000 in Perth, W.A., we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of polyethylene thermoplastics in Australia. We serve several industries including plumbing and drainage, civil, energy and infrastructure, mining, electrical and agricultural sectors. With nearly 50 years of industry research, our piping systems have a track record of outstanding performance in the most demanding industries in Australia and providing engineers and contractors with reliable products and cost-efficient solutions. We place utmost importance in meeting the needs of our customers, from assistance during the design stage to evolving our product portfolio accordingly so that you have a wide range to choose from.

Why Choose Acu-Tech Piping Systems?

At Acu-Tech, our mission is to give you piping systems with the highest levels of quality, integrity and innovation, designed to add value to your business. We provide the greenest piping solutions that help lower your project’s carbon footprint. Our PE pipe systems have lower economic and environmental costs compared to pipes made from metals or other materials. Our installations come with long-term cost advantages due to their durable, low-maintenance properties. Over the last years, we have expanded in capacity and capability. We now have branches located in Perth, Kalgoorlie, Newman, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, allowing us to be accessible to clients across the country. Get in touch with us today for all your piping needs. Feel free to fill out our online form for all your enquiries. Disclaimer: As always with information supplied by Acu-Tech Piping Systems, we supply it as a guide in the interest of better understanding of technical properties of our products. However, the application of such information may involve engineering judgements which cannot be correctly made without intimate knowledge of all the conditions pertaining to a specific installation. Acu-Tech Piping Systems does not act as a consultant in this regard; the responsibility for the use of any information or advice contained herein rests solely with the user. It should not be used in place of a professional engineer’s judgement or advice and it is not intended as installation instructions. See full disclaimer here: https://www.acu-tech.com.au/information-disclaimer/.