Recycled Water PE Pipe HDPE Pipe for Recycled Water

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and fittings are quickly becoming the choice material among contractors, engineers and customers for a wide range of industrial applications such as mining, geothermal, agricultural, municipal and many others. HDPE pipes are durable, strong, lightweight and flexible. When fused together, the pipes offer a zero leak rate because of the system’s seamless nature. They’re also more environmentally sustainable because they are non-toxic and have a long lifespan.

Why is colour coding pipes important?

Colour coding of pipeline and piping materials are standard industry practices. During construction, various grades of alloy steel, stainless steel and carbon steel are used. To avoid a constant mix-up of these materials, industries colour code their piping components because the different colours make storage and retrieval easier in the warehouse. Additionally, the fluids and raw materials being transported by the pipelines are easier to identify with colour marking. Colour coding pipe components also reduce safety hazards within the facility or the construction site. Without proper pipe colour codes, workers find it difficult to identify the material the pipeline is transporting. This leads to accidents associated with wrong pipeline identification during emergency situations. Having a systematic coding scheme promotes greater safety within the work site, lessens the chances of errors and reduces the hazards involved in the wrong handling of materials inside the pipelines.

Different Colour Options for HDPE Pipes

Acu-Tech’s range of high-quality HDPE pipes come in many different colours and pipe stripes:
  1. Black with no stripes – suitable for all applications except for fuel gases.
  2. Black with blue stripes – used to transport drinking water and potable water.
  3. Full Yellow Jacket or Black with Yellow Stripes – used extensively for identification of gas, fuel gas coal seam gas, process gas, and liquefied gases under pressure.
  4. Black with Red Stripes – dedicated for fire-extinguishing supply lines like water. Acu-Tech stocks the most common lengths and diameters to suit the requirements for hose reels, hydrants and sprinklers.
  5. Full White Jacket – used to identify communication conduits in mining to reduce the heat load on above ground transfer lines. The white exterior is a key part in reducing the effect of sunlight on the pipeline.
  6. Black with Lilac Stripes – pipe for reclaimed or recycled water applications and carries water that is not suitable for drinking.
  7. Full Orange Jacket – used to identify electrical conduits and services. This orange-coloured pipe provides superior mechanical protection to electrical cables, as well as protection from chemicals or moisture.
  8. Black with Cream Stripes – dedicated for pressurised sewer applications. This pipe system is mainly fused which results in a material-homogeneous joint that doesn’t require additional sealants.
  9. Black with Brown or Red Stripes – rural imperial-size low-pressure pipes.
The colour-coded pipes are utilised in a wide range of fluid and gas applications across the mining, civil, plumbing, energy and mechanical services markets.

High-quality pipe solutions for any industry

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