Weld Testing

Acu-Tech has partnered with PolyWeld Tech Academy to provide Weld Testing services in a NATA approved lab.

See more information about Poly Weld Testing at www.polyweldtech.com.au/testing-facilities

PolyWeld Tech Academy also provides the following Poly Welding Training Courses;

Butt Welding Course: polyweldtech.com.au/training/butt-welding

Electrofusion Welding Course: polyweldtech.com.au/training/electrofusion-welding

Extrusion Welding Course: polyweldtech.com.au/training/extrusion-welding

There is also refresher courses available and a combined Butt Welding and Electrofusion Welding Course.

Visit PolyWeld Tech Academy’s website to view more information and book your poly welding training course.