ACU-BLACK POLY PIPE – PE100 Pipe Systems The Acu-Black Poly Pipe – PE100 Pipe System boasts the most extensive range of pipe and fittings manufactured from high-density PE100 material. Acu-Black pipe and fittings find application across a diverse spectrum of fluid and gas uses, spanning plumbing, mining, civil engineering, energy, and mechanical services sectors. With a foundation rooted in nearly 50 years of industry research and innovation, PE pipes have earned a reputation for exceptional performance and longevity in demanding environments. Acu-Black PE100 material is engineered with a 50-year Minimum Required Strength (MRS) of 10 MPa. However, in practice, its actual strength surpasses the design specifications, with PE100 pipelines expected to endure up to 100 years under normal operating conditions. … Continue reading Acu-Black