Welder Service

Acu-Tech’s equipment department can service your electrofusion welder, butt welder or extrusion welder, and also a range of hand tools, such as rotational scrapers and welding clamps. All major branded PE welding equipment can be repaired or calibrated in Western Australia. Our experienced team can arrange consumables or spare parts from various manufacturers, either locally or from overseas suppliers, to get you welding again as soon as possible! Acu-Tech Piping Systems provides repair and calibration service for poly welding machines, including Calder poly welding machines, Hurner EF welders, Fusion HDPE welders, Dixon butt welders, McElroy butt welders, Worldpoly butt welding machines, Gator butt fusion welders, Technodue butt welders, Ritmo electrofusion and butt welders, Huerner electrofusion welders, and some other brands. … Continue reading Welder Service

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