Product Description

A compression equal tee fitting is used to join three lengths of metric HDPE pipe in a T shape. As an equal tee fitting, all ends of the Tee are the same size. With a size range from 20 mm to 160 mm, compression equal tee fittings match common pipe sizes, and are usually SDR 11. Compression equal tees are suitable for water and other similar fluids, with pressures up to 16 bar, however this varies with the ambient temperature and temperature of the pipe contents. Equal tee compression fittings are made from PE100 material with precisely moulded parts, and a rubber sealing ring for larger sizes. Compression equal tees are suitable for outdoor use, being resistant to etching by numerous chemical substances, and to UV rays. Compatible with PELD, PEHD, PE40, PE80 and PE100 pipes, compression equal tee fittings may also be known as compression equal tees, compression tee fittings or poly pipe tee joiners. Sizes up to 200mm are available in some compression fittings, so contact us if you have a specific size that isn’t listed below! Compression equal tee sizes available:
  • 20 mm compression equal tee (7154.0020).
  • 25 mm compression equal tee (7154.0025).
  • 32 mm compression equal tee (7154.0032).
  • 40 mm compression equal tee (7154.0040).
  • 50 mm compression equal tee (7154.0050).
  • 63 mm compression equal tee (7154.0063).
  • 75 mm compression equal tee (7154.0075).
  • 90 mm compression equal tee (7154.0090).
  • 110 mm compression equal tee (7154.0110).
  • 160 mm compression equal tee (7154.0160).
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