Acu-Water: Poly Pressure Pipes for Potable Water

ACU-WATER -The HDPE Pipe System for Drinking Water Pipelines Providing quality drinking water to people is of global importance, and a core part of our business is to provide piping solutions for water applications that are economical and environmentally sustainable. The Acu-Water Piping System is the No. 1 choice for all water supply lines, providing flexibility, longevity and economy. Many of Perth’s ageing water mains are being replaced with HDPE pipe, reducing leakage and ensuring low maintenance in future. Acu-Tech’s Acu-Water PE pipe has been extensively used throughout Perth City and throughout the old northern suburbs. Acu-Water HDPE pipe is fully pressure rated, has Watermark approval, and can be fusion joined using electrofusion couplings, or butt welded. The black pipe … Continue reading Acu-Water: Poly Pressure Pipes for Potable Water