Acu-Power | Conduit

ACU-POWER – Conveniently Coiled Electrical Conduit Acu-Power Electrical Conduit is manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE) with an orange co-extruded outer layer for clear identification. This flexible electrical conduit is used to protect electrical cables from damage, and to protect peoples lives, by greatly reducing the risk of electric shock. Rather than cutting a power line and getting an electric shock, an excavating contractor will simply hit the orange electrical conduit pipe, before severing the cable. The rapid growth of today’s power requirements, as well as the steep cost of outages and cable repairs, have created an industry preference for protective HDPE conduit rather than PVC conduit, concrete conduit or other materials. Acu-Tech addresses this modern need with its HDPE … Continue reading Acu-Power | Conduit